Can you ever really have enough Epson Paper? ... No you can't!

I use a ridiculous amount of this paper so when I realized that Staples had it on sale 50% off all my plans for the day changed! I went to 3 stores, got 5 at the first, 7 at the 2nd & then I hit the mother load at the 3rd with a whopping 22! My stash is now securely back up in the 50's! PS. My arms feel 2" longer than they were this morning from carrying a ton of paper & my back is killing me but it was so worth it! Hurry sale ends tomorrow!
Now if only I could find 50% off the ink!
FOLLOW UP....Would you believe 3 days after purchasing all this epson 8 1/2 x 11 paper I ran out of 11 x 14 & had to go get paper! Once again you can never have enough epson paper on hand!