Had a great day at the Renegade Craft Fair Saturday.
I discovered the wonderful world of silk screening in High School back in the 70's and it took me on a winding path in my career to where I am now! After going to college for what was reffered to as "Commercial" art I decided I wanted to persue a job in silk screening so I spent years doing Rock Concert Tees then moving on to fashion doing everything imaginable leading up to being a full time freelance surface designer.
Below are the silk screened posters I purchased, each has a link below it to check out more of the artists work.
Click this link to see when the Renegade Craft Fair will be in your area.Renegade Craft Fair
For more info on Vahalla Studios click Here
For more info on Strawberry Luna click Here
Still sentimental after all these years (27)! I really can't claim to be one of those people who never go to bed mad, my husband will tell you that no one holds a grudge like me! But, even when I'm mad I'm always glad he's there when I wake up! For more info on Seattle Show Posters click here

I had to buy this for all the obviuos reasons!For more info on Dwell Deep clickHereLast but certainly not least...How could I resist this little bird!