Galvanized Garbage Can Planter

Lots of new things in my garden this year & this would be one of my favorites. I was inspired by where else - Pinterest, you know how it goes one link leads to another & I came upon the blog  ilovethatjunk which featured a vintage garbage can planter & the minute I saw it I knew I had to make one. I didn't have acess to a dented old can which I would have loved so I went to Home Depot & bought a new one.
1. I drilled several holes in the bottom of the can for drainage. 2. Cut a circle of filter fabric & put that on the inside of the can. 3. I filled about half the can with empty water bottles to take up room & keep the planter from getting really heavy. 4. Because my yard is hilly I used a level before adding the soil - I used Miracle Grow Container Mix. 5. Add Plants, I used Elephant Ears, Calladiums, Colieus, & several different Sweet Potato Vines.
I love how it turned out!