One step step back...or is it the other way around?!

My sewing machine is one of my most treasured possessions as it was the first "major" purchase I made when I started can guess by the photo how long ago that was! It has served me well for 40+ years but I had such a hard time making the 2 samples above that I had to bring it into the shop. He pretty much told me to put the money towards a new machine with metal gears... so now I have a new machine with metal gears & I also spent the money & repaired old faithful...we've been thru too much for me to toss it now!


 I had several "OH NO" moments this weekend...After a productive day in the printshop I banged one screen into another & poked a hole in it....ARGH!

When reclaiming a screen the power washer sprayed back on me so I took my glasses off & put them in my apron pocket....when I put them back on they were bent out of shape, they wouldn't even stay on my head, this is the best I could fix them without completely snapping them..."OH NO"! Guess I'll be getting new glasses this week.