"F" is for Friday, Frogs, Flowers & Fun!

I have drawn more frogs in the last year than I have in my 30 year work experience! As long as they keep selling though I’m “HOPPY” to keep making them! I’m not a big frog collector but I did buy these pj pants @ Sears since I did the print & they are very comfy!
IT’S ALL ABOUT COLOR! I barely recognized this one when I came upon it because of the color changes. What happens is that a store will have a color palette for their line that they will then re-color bought art / prints into. I actually did this for fall so I was also surprised to see it in a summer line. Forgive the blurry photo, I used my phone to take the shot, you have to be quick since taking photos is frowned upon in most stores. If you get caught you could try telling them that you did the art but no one would ever believe that! Trust Me!