I came across these photos of cakes I made back in 1995 & 96 for family, friends & co-workers. They were great fun to make for some special people, tasty too!1. At 8 my son Joseph was all about money & all it could get him. 2. Callan LOVED to read & for those who know her now they can see her love of hats goes way back! 3. Pop was into crows. 4. Joe's childhood nickname is "Bootie" & his Birthday is halloween 5. Can you guess what Tese was into?!
6. Thanksgiving cake; the most time consuming one I made 7. This cake was for Ed a co-worker, he was the life of the dept., he had a new story everyday! 8. Joni lived on pretzels 9. Arlene was a runner 10. Our friend Sue was the shipping manager & I made this cake for her 40th bday. 11 & 12 were for the same person, Earl who was into 2 things, the Lord & chocolate, he's the only one to get 2 cakes & both were chocolate!