Fabric Crayon vs Dye Stick

We've been using fabric crayons for projects forever, it never gets old! Our favorite thing to make with them is pillows. The only "important" thing to remember is because you draw on paper & then transfer to fabric your image will be reversed which is important if your doing any letters or numbers. I obviously forgot this rule despite my many years of using them, the date in the corner is backwards!
The other important thing with these is its best to use a poly / cotton blend.

Dye Sticks Crayons
I LOVE these even more than traditional fabric crayons for several reasons.
You draw right on the fabric, you don't  have to worry about mirror image &
the colors are nice & bright. 

"M"y HEART is in my Studio

It has been several years since I had time to use my power tools & it felt good to get back in the saddle!

Sanding & priming, tedious but it does make a difference in the end.

I tried the much pinned about "floetrol" & I'm happy with the results. I went to my local Benjamin Moore for paint but much to my surprise they said due to contract disagreements they were no longer carrying Benjamin Moore... Rather than doing 2 years of research ( my usual mo) I went to Home Depot & bought Behr Premium Plus Interior Satin paint paint. I did 3 coats of paint. For the Chalkboard Heart I used Krylon chalkboard paint.

What a mess, I transferred the dots with graphite paper, need a better way next time.

I hung both using command velcro. This is my first time using it & so far I really like this product. Because I was hanging shapes instead of a frame I taped out the shape in the spot I was going to hang it. PS this should give you some insight to my personality....

These guys ROCK!

What do you get the woman who doesn’t really have every thing but doesn’t really need any thing either? Much to the dread of the men in my life (husband & son) the answer is to make her something! I took this photo about 20 years ago in the hall of an old tee shirt factory and I’ve hung on to it because it always makes me chuckle. My idea is to have the family each paint a rock for my garden, what a “rockin” Mother’s day present that will be!


I came across these photos of cakes I made back in 1995 & 96 for family, friends & co-workers. They were great fun to make for some special people, tasty too!1. At 8 my son Joseph was all about money & all it could get him. 2. Callan LOVED to read & for those who know her now they can see her love of hats goes way back! 3. Pop was into crows. 4. Joe's childhood nickname is "Bootie" & his Birthday is halloween 5. Can you guess what Tese was into?!
6. Thanksgiving cake; the most time consuming one I made 7. This cake was for Ed a co-worker, he was the life of the dept., he had a new story everyday! 8. Joni lived on pretzels 9. Arlene was a runner 10. Our friend Sue was the shipping manager & I made this cake for her 40th bday. 11 & 12 were for the same person, Earl who was into 2 things, the Lord & chocolate, he's the only one to get 2 cakes & both were chocolate!