24 years ago today I got the greatest gift I could have ever wished for, a beautiful, Incredibly smart, amazingly talented, all round wonderful daughter…and it wasn’t even my birthday! How lucky am I!Some Photos from"Back in the day!"1.) One day old Callan with Joe (2.) Hey it was the 80’s so no laughing at my glasses! (3.) My 2 favorite “girls” my mom & Callan (4.) Cal’s 1st birthday with Joe & cousin Patrick (5.) Cal’s 6th Birthday.


I came across these photos of cakes I made back in 1995 & 96 for family, friends & co-workers. They were great fun to make for some special people, tasty too!1. At 8 my son Joseph was all about money & all it could get him. 2. Callan LOVED to read & for those who know her now they can see her love of hats goes way back! 3. Pop was into crows. 4. Joe's childhood nickname is "Bootie" & his Birthday is halloween 5. Can you guess what Tese was into?!
6. Thanksgiving cake; the most time consuming one I made 7. This cake was for Ed a co-worker, he was the life of the dept., he had a new story everyday! 8. Joni lived on pretzels 9. Arlene was a runner 10. Our friend Sue was the shipping manager & I made this cake for her 40th bday. 11 & 12 were for the same person, Earl who was into 2 things, the Lord & chocolate, he's the only one to get 2 cakes & both were chocolate!