Spring has Sprung!

MY dad made these tulips for me the year before he passed away, this is the first time I put them in my window box (my husbands suggestion) & I LOVE the way they look. I get my love of gardening & woodworking from my dad.

Thanks to pinterest I discovered some new seed starting methods, paper towel rolls cut down, newspaper pots & I came up with the idea to try paper dixie cups, we'll see what happens.

These guys ROCK!

What do you get the woman who doesn’t really have every thing but doesn’t really need any thing either? Much to the dread of the men in my life (husband & son) the answer is to make her something! I took this photo about 20 years ago in the hall of an old tee shirt factory and I’ve hung on to it because it always makes me chuckle. My idea is to have the family each paint a rock for my garden, what a “rockin” Mother’s day present that will be!


In honor of earth day I want to share this re-cycled art project.
For my birthday this year I told Joe instead of buying me a present I wanted him to do a project with me, ( like most guys he would have preferred to crack open the wallet & make a trip to the mall) BUT being the nice guy he is we made this ladybug. Joe isn’t an artist but he does come up with a lot of clever ideas, making the lady bug from a helmet was actually his idea and as a bonus he has access to welding equipment! I claim credit for the antenna made from the plant hanger though! Thanks also to Neil & Jonathan who helped Joe with the cutting & welding.

This turtle has the distinction of being not necessarily the "best" present Joe ever gave me (that would be a diamond anniversary ring) BUT it is my absolute favorite present! We were walking by an art supply store on 33rd st. in Manhattan one day & I saw this turtle and commented on how cute he was. Several months later he was under the Christmas tree. Rarely does such a surprise get by me & my extreme holiday snooping! He has sat in my garden since, the older & rustier he gets the more I love him! He was also the inspiration for our ladybug.